No Name’s Record Room: Tender Mercies

Hotel Utah venue manager Patrick Winningham has been a staple of the San Francisco music scene for decades. He’s played with Chuck Prophet, Jeff Trott (of Sheryl Crow), and vocalist/guitarist Dan Vickrey of Counting Crows…before he was “of Counting Crows.”

Patrick and Dan’s friendship began when Dan played Hotel Utah as a recent college grad. Out of that friendship has come a musical collaboration, along with Kurt Stevenson (vocalist, bassist) and Jim Bogios (vocalist, drummer, also of Counting Crows), 10+ years in the making: Tender Mercies.

The songs on Tender Mercies’ self-titled album are what Dan call their “the complete history.” Written preemptively throughout their decades-long friendship, Dan and Patrick (vocals, guitar) finally realized that the songs they had written and never recorded were still connecting personally and with listeners.

He says of playing with Tender Mercies:

The thing that always attracted me…to playing with Patrick and Kurt (Stevenson, vocals/bass) was the quality and depth of the songs they wrote. Playing together allowed us to explore as musicians and prepared us for our later adventures with the Crows.

In many ways (Tender Mercies) was an old school approach harkening back to records we loved.

Dan adds “the songs may be older than you are, but we stuck with them because of their timelessness.” We’re glad they did.

Check out the live performance of “Four White Stallions” and “Heaven Knows” and interview with Dan and Patrick inside No Name’s Record Room. You can stay connected with Tender Mercies on Facebook.

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