Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard announces new band: Bermuda Triangle

New band alert: it was announced Monday that Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes will be joined by Jesse Lafser and Becca Mancari to share something entirely new together: Bermuda Triangle.

The group will make their debut live July 12 at the Basement East in East Nashville. Brittany told NPR that Bermuda Triangle is steeped in “sad dance hall music” and “drum machines, heavy harmonies and someone on a standup bass.” They’ll play previously unreleased music by all three musicians at the Nashville show. Mancari explained:

We just sit on each other’s porches and play music. It’s the music that I remember that I used to play before I even came to Nashville (she’s a Staten Island native), when people just played for fun. That’s my side of the story at least.

Brittany previously lent her incredible talent to retro punk band Thunderbitch. Based on their solo music, Lafser (originally from St. Loius) and Mancari both come from a background of superbly subtle, lonesome, heartfelt music. We’re guessing that the three of them together will have us in tears and begging for more.

No word yet on official recordings. We’re not-so-patiently waiting.

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