Watch Radiohead’s new cryptic ‘Man of War’ video

Radiohead finally returned Thursday with the release of their new enigmatic and very intriguing video. “Man of War” is one of three previously unreleased bonus tracks on OKNOTOK, the 20th Anniversary reissue of the band’s critically acclaimed OK Computer

The song’s string and piano arrangements are complemented by eerie guitar and synths that’ll make your skin crawl. Topped off with Thom Yorke’s robust, dark tone and anxiety-driven lyrics, “If you come home I’ll bake you a cake made of all their eyes/I wish you could see me dressed for the kill,” “Man of War” is what fans have been waiting for, and it doesn’t disappoint.

But the video itself adds its own unique layer, as the consistent switch between night and day metaphorize the masked internal struggle of the song.

OKNOTOK is out tomorrow, June 23.

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