Tash Sultana Releases First Official Video

The multi-talented Tash Sultana just posted her first official music video for her new single “Murder To The Mind.” Her newest track was recorded in Sultana’s hometown Melbourne and produced by engineer Nik Miltiadou, who also did Sultana’s debut EP NotionTone Deaf reveals the origin of “Murder To The Mind”:

The genesis for the [new] single came during a day off from Tash’s massive sold out Australian tour. Tash bought a new Nord keyboard in her downtime and after experimenting, developed the lead hook for ‘Murder To The Mind’. As usual, everything you hear on the new single is played by the multi-instrumental wonder.

“Murder To The Mind” seems as natural as the artist herself, featuring behind the scenes clips of Sultana’s life on the road as well footage of her electric live performances. Sultana definitely has our heads nodding with “Murder To The Mind” with her soulful staccato vocals, keyboard riff, steady percussion, jazzy trumpet, mind-blowing guitar solo, all blending seamlessly on a loop. The 21-year-old artist will play in the Bay Area next on Saturday, October 21st at The Fillmore.

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