Tegan and Sara’s Song Turned To Short Film

Canadian twin sisters Tegan and Sara are not new to the music scene. The duo has been singing together since 1995 with an indie punk-rock style up until their 2013 Heartthrob and 2016 Love You to Death, which they transcended into synthpop artists. 

Love You to Death is their eighth album with a number of released singles including “Boyfriend,” “Stop Desire,” “That Girl,” “Dying to Know,” “BWU.” Now their upbeat track “U-turn” has been developed into a 5-minute film directed by Emma Higgins. The video showcases a group of street dancers known as “The Ultimate Star Girls” who are rehearsing their dance choreography to compete against “The Viper Boys.”

Yet, the lead dancer quits out of frustration because her crew can’t get the dance moves right and “no one is in sync.” After practicing on her own, she realizes that without her team she is incomplete. She apologizes to her group by dancing ridiculously to “U-turn” and they all reunite laughing. According to Rolling Stone, the film was inspired by classic girl crew nostalgia. Tegan and Sara explain the meaning of the film:

When you’re young, some of your strongest and most rewarding relationships are with your friends … The kind who support you to become who you really are…we want to celebrate those kinds of bonds.

Tegan and Sara will be performing at Colossal Clusterfest at the Civic Center Plaza/Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on June 2nd.


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