DREAMCAR Kills It With Their Debut Video

No Doubt band members Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, Adrian Young and AFI frontman Davey Havok have united, forming the new wave supergroup DREAMCAR. Havok reassured fans that he’s “not singing for No Doubt,” and but acknowledges the new band’s “80s vibe.” In a Rolling Stone interview, bassist Kanal remarks about the band’s sound:

We were teens in the Eighties, and that’s the kind of music that we all grew up on. When you’re in those really formative years, from, like, 13 to 19, what you listen to is so influential, and I think that’s just part of our being now. It was never like, ‘Oh, let’s try to do this!’ It’s just the stuff that makes you feel comfortable.

Drummer Young adds:

It doesn’t sound like anything, it actually doesn’t sound like AFI or No Doubt. And sometimes I’m not objective enough to really understand it. And I ask my wife or friends, I play them a snippet and I go, ‘Does this sound like either one of these bands?’ And they’re like, ‘No.’ And I think that’s a good thing.

“Kill For Candy” definitely has an 80s pop-rock vibe, but Kanal isn’t concerned with labeling it:

When I’ve worked on something that I can’t stop listening to—and that I want to get in my car and listen to—it always makes me feel really good. You have this excitement to share it with everybody. It’s very inspired by all the ’80s stuff that we love. I would definitely say it’s a rock record. There was never really a conversation about what type of music we were making. We were just making music, and it just worked.

DREAMCAR will tour this spring, stopping by the Great American Music Hall April 9th and even playing Coachella in Indio. They will also be a musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on April 18th and on The Late Late Show with James Corden May 11th. Their debut album will be released this May.

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