Dan Auerbach Shines On With New Solo Album

Dan Auerbach, singer/guitarist from The Black Keys, released his latest album Waiting On A Song with new single “Shine On Me.” This is Auerbach’s second solo album since his 2009 debut of Keep It Hid, with “Goin’ Home” featured in the George Clooney film Up in the Air.

This optimistically cheery song features guitar melodies from Dire Straits guitarist Mark Knopfler. Auerbach tells NPR about his collaboration with Knopfler

I’d never met him before, but I decided to call him anyway to see if he would add a guitar part to it. I gave him no instructions — just told him to do whatever he felt. He sent it back two days later with that rhythm guitar part on it and it was perfect! And that guitar sound couldn’t be mistaken for anyone else. I’m so grateful for his contribution.

Knopfler is not the only musician to be featured on Auerbach’s new album. Since Auerbach moved to Nashville from Akron, Ohio, stars including John Prine, Duane Eddy, Jerry Douglas, Gene Chrisman, Pat McLaughlin and the Memphis Boys’ Bobby Wood have a part in Waiting On A Song.  According to Rolling Stone, Auerbach recalls of the recording schedule:

They’d come over, and we’d be in a little room in my house with the door closed, and we’d just write. Monday through Wednesday we’d write, and then Thursday through Sunday we’d record, every week.

Auerbach describes Waiting On A Song as a “love letter to Nashville.” The album will be out on June 2nd under his new record label, Easy Eye Sound. Auerbach remains busy, between a solo career, his other band The Arcs’ debut album, and producing for artists like The Pretenders, Cage the Elephant, and Lana Del Rey. “Shine On Me” is featured on My New Song Is Better Than Your New Song – vote on your favorite new song to hear it on the radio!

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