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No Name’s Record Room: Sweet Peaches

When drummer Alexander Lefkort wanted to start a Motown-soul band, he knew he would have to get creative in order to convince his musician friends to get on board.

Basically, he lied to them:

I told Cole the band was going to play loud emo and punk-influenced guitar rock, and Brianda Goyos (vocals) she was joining a Mariachi band. I told Jamie Maxfield (bass) she would be entering a surf project similar to the Beach Boys, and Nick O‘Connor (keyboard) that he would be playing the wild and progressive thrash metal he longed to unleash upon the world.

The good news is: it worked, and the resulting band, Sweet Peaches, hasn’t looked back since. Their debut five-track EP was recorded in the music department at Ohlone College in Fremont, followed by 7 original songs on their self-titled album in July of 2016. Along the way, they’ve played around The Bay (most recently at Hotel Utah in SF) and even had their Tiny Desk contest video entry featured on the NPR homepage.

Sweet Peaches ended up forming their sound around frontwoman Brianda Goyos’ airy and soulful vocals, which happen to emulate her idol Rachael Price of Lake Street Dive. Other inspirations include Paul McCartney’s Wings Over America (guitarist Francisco Hernandez says they cover “Let Me Roll It”), while keyboardist Nick O’Connor cites Steely Dan as inspiration.

It’s clear that the members of Sweet Peaches feel their music and its message deeply. Goyos tells Ohlone Monitor:

I think as far as performing for people, I really enjoy one of the newer ones that was written by Alex (drums). The concept is a lady participating in a double affair. Both her and her lover have partners that they’re being unfaithful to. It’s exciting for me to get to be this person for a few minutes. I don’t condone cheating, but looking past that, I look up to this character because she is a powerful woman who puts herself and her wants first.

She says of the band:

Sweet Peaches is literally a dream come true. I just have to emphasize what an incredible experience it is to create music out of nothing, and doing so with people you really like. Having that connection is just beyond anything I’ve ever hoped for.

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