RELIVE: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Oracle Arena 3.12.17

The Red Hot Chili Peppers brought down the Oracle Arena tonight in one of the most epic jam sessions of all time. The night kicked off with “Around the World”, “Snow (Hey Oh)”, “Scar Tissue” and “Dark Necessities” – where the catalogue of hits didn’t stop there! As the night continued, the band had fans grooving along with their energetic dance moves as they sang hit after hit, and even covered songs from Funkadelic, Steve Wonder and Sly & The Family Stone. The night ended with no other than, “Give It Away Now.” See full set list here.

Here’s our most memorable moments:

Arthur, Mornings on KFOG: ‘Just three songs in, Flea stopped the entire set to say thank you to the Bay Area for being so supportive over their 35 years! He listed off all the small, tiny and almost forgotten venues the band used to play – which just reminds us of how lucky we are to experience live music, and see bands (like the Chili Peppers) grow to such legendary status.”

Mike ‘No Name’ Nelson: “Josh Klinghoffer was the MVP of the night. His guitar playing was next level. He set the tone and the pace – he was the fire. Anthony also kept his shirt on surprising longer than expected, all the way until the encore – what’s up with that? The lightweight alien banter from Flea brought the show to the next level, but the real highlights were ‘Higher Ground’, ‘Aeroplane’, and ‘Sir Psycho Sex’.”



Photos courtesy of Jim O’Sheehan Photography

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