The 25 Nastiest Rock Feuds

nastiest-rock-feuds recently put together a list of the 25 Nastiest Rock Feuds.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Dave Mustaine vs. Metallica:  Dave was IN Metallica, but they fired him in 1983, before they got big.  They sort of made up during the filming of the documentary “Some Kind of Monster”.
  • Axl Rose vs. Slash:  As for how it started, there are many rumors. The most amusing one surfaced last year, when an ex-Guns N’ Roses manager blamed Michael Jackson. Supposedly, Axl got mad at Slash for working with Michael, because Axl was molested as a child.  Whatever the case, this one’s over, and it appears they’re ripping it up onstage.
  • Joey Ramone vs. Johnny Ramone:  This is one of the most AMAZING feuds in rock history, because it started in the early ’80s, and yet the band remained together until their “retirement” in 1996! And it was all over a woman.  Johnny stole Joey’s girl, and MARRIED her in 1984.  But it must have been love, because they were together until Johnny died in 2004.  But Johnny and Joey stopped speaking and NEVER made peace.

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